It’s probably the most universal ingredient that we make and incorporate into our dishes.    It can be eaten for breakfast,  snack or a desert.

Yogurt. As hard as it may seem to belive, considering the conditions, it was probably discovered, shortly after the discovery of milk, itself, around Mesopotamia, 6000 B.C..  

Some people can eat it and some people can’t.

For the people, that can handle some Lactose, here is some guidance to tolerance to help digestion.

Lactose is broken down in the yogurt process. it is possible to take a supplement such as,  lactase to help break down more lactose.  If somebody is lactose intolerant, eating GREEK YOGURT, may be your best bet, to get dairy in your system.  By straining out most of the whey  in the GREEK YOGURT process, there is less lactose in Greek yogurt than in other yogurts or milk products.

GREEK YOGURT with Blackberry spoon sweets

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Yogurt has tones of heath benefits.  which are well described from Web MD like calcium, a good source of protein, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium. As well as, probiotic, to help with digestion.



2 quart of milk

2oz of heavy cream

2oz plain whole yogurt


1: dump all of your milk and heavy cream in to a stock pot. IMG_20170511_110727958

2: heat to 180 degrees.

3: let cool down to 120 degrees


4: stir in you plain whole yogurt and cover.  it is important to hold you temperature at 120 degrees for 4-8 hours (sometimes longer).  the best way to do this is to, preheat your over to the lowest setting and turn it off when it reaches temperature.  other techniques are to wrap it with an electric heating blanket.  It may take a little bit of practice.  but you can be rewarded with your results.

IMG_20170524_103224723 this point you should be able to see the whey separating from the (now) yogurt.  its not time to strain the yogurt, yet.  first , you need to bring the yogurt down to refrigerator temp 32 degrees.  if you can give it a good 8 hours, the straining process will go much more smoothly its time to strain the yogurt.  cut the cheese cloth, big enough to cover your strainer.  place you strainer over a bowl, to catch you liquid.  you can strain the liquid as much as you would like but I like to see the yogurt, slowly pull away from the sides of the cheese cloth, if you can strain about a 16oz of whey from the yogurt.  You will have a nice thick product.

make sure to save at least 2 – 4 oz of yogurt to make you next batch.

Add you strained yogurt to Fruit, Smoothies, and sauces.





The more you work with the yogurt process, the easier it will get for you and the better you will get with it.

At the restaurant we are working with heavy cream which we will sweeten and add vanilla to. to make a yogurt ceam.  Its better than ice-cream.


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